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Execution Risk

Uncertainty in business is expensive. Oculi will help you accomplish affective work faster. It saves you time, reduces execution risk with rapid field documentation, and allows for higher quality workflow communication.

Business Growth

Maximize your business potential. Oculi will help your business grow by ensuring all team members, subcontractors and new hires provide consistent deliverables all while keeping your teams more productive and focused on high priority work. You can typically expect 20-40% time savings with Oculi.


Oculi gives visibility from the frontline to the office. It helps you manage your business and make better decisions by providing clear field information. Oculi also gives you the opportunity to prove your work to your clients.

Flexible for All Industries

A Platform You Define

Oculi was built to make your field data capture easy, productive, and standardized.

It’s an open platform that allows you to integrate field data into your existing workflows.

Oculi is universal and flexible. You have the freedom to choose how it’s used or implemented.

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You define what’s captured and unified. The platform is a universal tool enabling any business to achieve its operational opportunities.
Having standardized operations/field data is invaluable to running your business. Oculi will give you consistent deliverables to help you build your reports.
Oculi gives you the power to gather and work with your unstructured field data. Increase productivity by easily analyzing your data to help you make business decisions and improve your workflows.

Highlighted Features

Simple Pricing

Try Oculi without any commitments.


1 Monthly Subscription

  • Android/iOS Mobile app
  • Backend Syncing
  • Personal Portal
  • 14 Day Trial
  • Support and Troubleshoot

Small Business

Up to 10 Monthly Subscriptions

  • Android/iOS Mobile app
  • Backend Syncing
  • Personal/Admin Portal
  • 30 Day Trial
  • Support and Troubleshoot


10 + Monthly Subscriptions

  • Android/iOS Mobile app
  • Backend Syncing
  • Personal/Admin Portal
  • Custom Trial Period
  • Support and Troubleshoot

Reporting & Integration


  • Custom Reports
  • Third Party Integration
  • Workflow Automation

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